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NO on #2

We need to focus on the funding methods in which charter schools receive funds and fight for open door policies, allowing our local Public School Committees to share oversight of the school policies.

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Classroom Overcrowding

A major concern to parents is the number of students in the classroom.

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Supporting Our Teachers

I come from a proud union family. My husband is a member of the local UWUA 369 and from personal experience, I understand how important it is to support our unions and form strong communication between the school committee, administrators and teachers.

Social/Emotional Wellbeing

When we turn on the television, we are bombarded with news stories of bullying, racism and social inequality. We have an obligation to our youth to ensure we are providing the necessary guidance and counseling within our schools to support the future of all mankind.

Special Needs Student Support

Being a special needs parent, this is a topic that is near and dear to me. I’d like to see the system implement a mentor program or a “peer-to-peer” program. Peer-to-peer is a volunteer program linking general education peers with students who have disabilities in order to support these students throughout the school day. When the effort to bring peers together evolves from within the school system, it fosters natural inclusion and mainstreaming.

CTE Jennifer Spadafora
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