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NO on #2

I am a strong proponent for the No on #2 campaign. When you have a school that is billed as a public school, run with tax payers dollars but is privately operated (and sometimes by for-profit companies), this lacks transparency. Additionally, the funding methods used to allocate monies to these schools is unequal to the amount that the sending school receives in return from the government.  In order to fund their school budgets, cities and towns make difficult choices, often cutting municipal services and raising additional property taxes. However, charter schools automatically receive equal amounts of funding, without having to explain how they plan to spend the money or even worry about where the money will come from. Charters have also increased segregation by removing higher performing students from their neighborhood schools, while leaving behind students with disabilities, students who are English-language learners and students who need support in managing their behavior. MVRCS has made the news numerous times for a host of issues including reporting inaccurate student enrollment data to the state, requiring the ACLU to step in when a student was denied the right to form a gay-straight alliance club, as well as the famous Cook girls case when they suspended students for their hair style. We need our schools, publicly funded schools, to support our children in all aspects of their lives, not just education but social and emotional understanding.

CTE Jennifer Spadafora
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